Wish List (featuring) Sil3nc3

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1st Verse

send my thank you to your momma /cause she broke you off proper

you got a body like a bottle / imma pop a band on you cause i want to see you model

baby your a show stopper & I’m going to tip you top dollar

headliner! nobody do it better you’re put on a show so that nobody can forget ya


you make it look easy you are my fantasy

you are a masterpiece from your head to your feet

ill give anything just come closer to me

if you keep on dancing like you do



you’re going to make me pay it with interest

cause I’m impressed when you undress yeah

tell me what it cost and ill invest

cause your flawless baby undress  yeah


girl you’re so cold I made it rain it turned to snow

I love the way you sliding down that north pole

tell me what’s on your wish list your a bad girl and I like it

tell me what’s on your wish list sit it on my lap and i’ll buy it


2nd Verse

oh maybe its the liquor if i keep on throwing this money

you going make a brother go bankrupt dam

cause you’re keeping my attention

i like the way you climb up put your ass up on the ceiling Ooh!

baby stand in front of me “stand in front of me”damn i want to touch your body

if you knew what i was thinking i want to reach you places… no one else has ever been!



2nd Drop

girl you’re so cold you’re so Alaskan

when I make it rain its just an ice bucket challenge

tell me what’s on your wish list you’re a bad girl and i fuck with it

tell me what’s on your wish list sit it on my lap and ill buy it

girl you’re so cold , you’re so damn clever

the tricks you do them other girls could never

nobody do it better…. you’ve got them frozen…..Elsa


 Rap (Silence)

shorty something sexy her body movement seduce me
i know that im rushing but i want it so excuse me

if i seem rude but i think me and you should make a movie

break ten in a thousand leave my hand prints on your booty

if you and can work this pole the way you work it while your working

then i aint got no problem spending money thats for certain

alone behind this curtain we so personal and private

i can only imagine how im going feel up inside it

provided that i  divide your legs like im a mathematician

from the back i make you look back at it thats our position

you know no competition your in a league of your own

when we gon leave this club we really should be alone

the way that you lead me on a drug i cant leave alone

way your twerking on the ceiling got me all of in the zone

i want it i need it need it you serve it i eat it eat it

how you want it if you tell me you can fix this


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