Tomb Raider

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Chorus (2x)

call me tomb raider pussy invader i can pop a lock with my index finger oh

they call me tomb raider woah they call me tomb raider

tonight im going to raid your tomb ha [2x]


1st Verse

grab my backpack yeah I’m all set

there’s an adventure setting right here in my lap

emergency flare can i get your map

its time to find this ancient artifact

cause I’m a get into your pyramid

and find the spot that you didn’t even know exist

i put it on you with my C4

light it up and watch your body explode


B- Side

when i find your hidden treasure imma make sure i take it all

there ain’t nothing i can’t handle i come well prepared for battle


2nd Verse

landed outside i’m at the spot

i use infrared specs to find your hot box

discovery made on pillow top mountain

i need to find a way to get this passageway

bet i can solve this mystery

i’ll use my tongue as the master key

im bout show you how to knock your pillars down

split split split  yeah  its open now


B – Side



baby o can be your archeologist

if x . and if x marks the spot then im gonna get it

i came i came on a quest to find your pleasures

let me let me dig in deeper for your treasures


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