This Never Happened

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1st Verse

Baby you know it’s going to be way too hard for me to resist

you know i like to feel that ass and kissing on them sexy lips

I know you remember what we did on the highway while driving

you were sliding up and down on some illegal type shit

Now here we are again with nothing but time and space

They will never know so let’s enjoy time away

We gon’ ride I-85 don’t come up again until Siri says

You gotta wait till Siri says



We’ve got 15 minutes left

I wish we could be more than friends

This good love we’ve got is forbidden

After I leave this never happened

We’ve got 15 minutes left

Tho you give me thrills I know better

If we keep fucking around they gon’ catch us

And if they ask us say ….

This never happened “oh no no no no”

This never happened “oh no no no no”


2nd Verse

I’m making my way to the studio so meet me there

Slide them panties to the side so that I can engineer

Let me tell my baby that there’s a session going on so I wont hear

My hotline blinging cause you’ll be singing

Now I’m going to smash all over the gear

I’ll press record then you will perform

Clean me up before I head back home

I’m running late and dinner’s waiting you already know

Hot water and a towel but don’t use the soap!




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