That’s What N*ggas do (featuring) C-Note

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That’s What Niggas Do

Written By : A. Redris Bell & C. Ewen


1st Verse

Girl I’m cheating

not with the one I’m cheating on with you

she’s my number 4 your number 2

Dont u cry thats just what niggas do! uh huh

And you wont leave Leave

Thirsty but your ways are water proof

What makes u think that i’m ton change for you ? Ooh

Silly girl thats just what niggas do! uh huh



And i dont care! I fuck with your feelings cause i don’t care

So take that rant and your assumptions elsewhere

When u get over it then call me back

When u learn how sides are supposed to act !



You girls go on and on and on About a man who did u wrong

U shit on all the good guys Then wonder why your all alone

you don’t seem to have a clue look at the guys you chase and choose

they only want to stick and move and thats what you let them do


2nd Verse

You got what u came for

So why you still laying there in my bed

Dont say “what” u heard just what i said

your things on the floor to your left!

See your way you out out

Don’t come popping up out the blue

You just might see something that you didn’t want to

But don’t get mad thats just what niggas do


B Side -2

And i dont care you’ll come crawling back

Because you dont care

If i treat you like shit then why u still here

Lets be honest lets be crystal clear

If I gave you my heart you’d break it

and you’d leave me here





Rap – C-Note

C note i like em fine like wine

if shorty is a dime i should treat her like a 5

not the one to boost your ego i dont give a fecal

she looking like a slam dunk i treat her like a free throw

too easy i do em so greasy

hit it then i quit it catching feelings is forbidden

hearing what you wanna Linda Linda honey listen

i ain’t tryna cuddle and its later for the kissing

C note he cocky wherever he go

ladies love the kid although i got a big ego

swim in many women you can’t find me like Nemo

know i get it in like injections from a needle

sex is a weapon and my stroke game lethal

only smash once there will never be a sequel

thinking that i need you , you shouldn’t assume

if you aint know by now thats just what niggas do


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