Tap Out

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1st Verse

This bed is a ring i’m going on round one

you say you can take me thats something i doubt

you say you got game you better watch your mouth

i hope your ready for my submission cause there is no way out


i’m your champion i am your heavy weight

don’t touch the belt if you cannot take it babe



now that’s what you get for talking all that shit

talking about how you was going to take me down

you took the risk you couldnt handle it’

look at you now

i made you tap out (4x)


2nd verse

Hope you caught your breath we’re going on round two

This is your chance to show me your best moves

Don’t run away off the edge of the bed

Cause i’m going to find you  I’ll give it to you on the floor instead





If we make it two round three, three

Bet you can’t take any more of me, me

If we should make it to round four, four

I’m going to make you scream out for more, more

And if we make to round five, five

I’m going to be smooth as a butterfly

If we should make it to round six, six

I’ll sting you like a bee until you quit, quit! Ooh!!


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