Stop Lookin At My …

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I just want some attention Raagh!

Free ball I’m on a mission Raagh!

See I got your attention Raagh!

Now I’m standing at attention

Dick long and my ass fat too

If I were you Id want to touch me too

If ya man too short I would hate me too

Cause my feet foot long and I stand 6’2”


Hook 2x

Stop looking at my [4x]

[“Dick” Screwed]


1st Verse

To the M-I, Brrrrrrr  cat like a semi

No my name aint Missy yes I am a fly guy

Got your jeans knotted up like tie dye

Sliding in my DM’s looking bummy that a nice twy

Wan taste oop! that will leave you tongue tie

Couldn’t see me even if you had a tird eye

You and your boo be trying to pull up on the sly

But I cut it off like you didn’t pay your Wi-fi

Ya! I’m the man in these streets

And I run the city with a whole gang of elite

We deliver the meat and we packing the heat

So before you talk shit …. swallow da fleet

Cause I bang the drum and I, I make da beat

And I come to your crib and I fuck up your sheets

Just keep it on the hush for what I made you scream

Now everybody know that my name is Redris  bih!





2nd Verse

Grey sweats on with the red Nike’s on

Just do it for the gram man what you waiting on

Everybody cos play like comic-on

Like they want long term you better con a con

I’m looking snackish check out the package

You want to ravage fuck with a savage

that’s your mans looks a little blandish

Stop with the madness that’s a catfish

I’m in the hang time gang gang got to let it swang swang

Always fully loaded and we like to make em bang bang

Put it in your mouth, you better watch your fang fang

Or imma tell the homies it ain’t hitting on a ting ting

No cuffing I ain’t with the chain chain

But if you want to you can spend your ching ching

Oh you mad now you wanted a ring

Fuck was the thinking just because you gave me brain brain?




3rd verse

Rude boy, batty boy, I can be your boy toy

Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone boy

Only smashed once now you blowing up my phone boy

Very I’m complicated and I’ll never be a simp boy

Limp boy, wimp boy, never touched a fucked boy

Get it up and get it and spend it all on my rent boy

Is that a hard hat ..  jack hammer drill boy ?

Can I poke your belly..  Pillsbury dough boy

Now watch it jiggle and jangle

I pissed your man off now he shaking the table

Can’t blame me I was already unstable

But I can show you all how to jump the cables

Stop looking at my dink d dink dink

If you can’t make the bottles go clink cla clink clink

The only thing you serve is a dink da dink dink

Now watch it walk away like a slinky slink slink


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