Something’s Come Over Me

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1st Verse

You can be the one dam – You can be the one that

Make me settle down no more playing, playing games now

You can get a crown now

I remember when i wouldn’t settle down with them naw

These hoes are all the same but you are so different

I don’t mind these cuff you can take my heart and lock it up

Somehow you make me feel free with you is where i want to be

Can you even tell me why when you kiss me

Swear it gets me high i get excitement running down the middle of my thighs



Ooh look what you’ve done to me , look what you’ve done to me

Ooh what have y0u done oh oh

Something’s come over me … something’s come over me


2nd Verse

Nobody else can love me like you do

Since I’ve been with you I’ve been acting brand new

You got me smelling like new money hoes will say I’m acting funny

Coming out the wood works doing them old tricks

Don’t worry i got his no matter where i go

Whoever I’m with they going to know what the deal is

don’t you be worried bout where

I know you love me love me love me love me

I can tell by the way that you sex me. you do it so go I could never leave

you make me want to be a better me

Don’t you worry I know you love me, love me, love me, love me !

Turn my heart of stone into a diamond

I Used to marry that ass but never wife them




Look what you’ve done I can’t control it /Somethings has come over me and you know it

Look what you’ve done my heart is wide open / Somethings has come over me and you know it

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