She Is…

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1st verse

Met her in Miami on spring break in a little bikini on the beach

she was the baddest girl around even chicks had to turn around

she was the one id marry



everyone seems to think that I’m crazy

but they don’t really understand how i feel

but i know in my heart that you’re the one

but that’s enough for me baby

Don’t know your name or where you’re from

Don’t really care cause you’re the one



you are the one for me

pretty little thing in my fantasy

just like a dream come true

i’ll do anything to get next to you

the way she moves the way she walks

don’t know her name but i know i got to have her

she’s the one she’s the one she’s the one one one

she reminds me of my jeep the way she run


2nd Verse

now she sees me staring she smiled at me

so i sent her a drink sex on the beach

it was her last night on the town

so i had to stick around

ooh out of all the guys can’t believe that she chose me

B – Side




y-yo you got me singing / y-yo-yo-yo woah yeah

y-yo waooh / y-yoga-yoga-yo

you are the only one you’re the only one babe

closer than my peeps you are to me baby


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