Run’n Back

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1st Verse

I am tired of playing games

First you love me and then you don’t and then we’re friends again

Build me up “build me up” just to shoot me down

Its like hunting season and I’m on your hunting ground

I don’t know why I never seem to learn Uh Huh

You’re like either and i am going to burn Uh Huh

Every-time i find the strength to leave Uh Huh

That’s when you do the shit that you know is going to make me weak



I cant keep running back back [3x]

Can’t keep running, running away to you no this ain’t lovin “lovin”

I’m done with that I’m going out clubbing “clubbing”

Living it up and I ain’t worried bout nothing “nothing”

You can sit there by yourself

Waiting on me but I’m not coming back

I cant keep running back back [3x]

this is goodbye cause baby I’m not coming back


2nd Verse

Shame on you if you fool me once

I’ve been foolish for the umpteenth time now I swear I’m done

Its to late to try and make it right

Cause you won’t be happy until the day you realize

You had true love “love” then you threw it away

Then you cry me rivers I jump in you drown me

Had me thinking I was tripping or just crazy

But you sacrifice more hearts than the Illuminati baby not me




I thought  I was going to miss you

Truth is I just missed myself “huh”  without all these issues

I cant take this pain anymore

Loving you ain’t healthy so its time to let me go



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