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1st verse 

your always so busy

and i don’t have much time
i wish things were different
but i guess that’s just life
i fall asleep in your bed
i leave before you wake
my mind won’t let me fall for you
my heart wants to stay
its got me thinking maybe
can we just pretend pretend
like we’ve got the perfect love
i know your just a friend friend
i can call on when i need to be touched
can we pretend we
found the perfect love
I know I’m just a friend fried
that you get at when you need to be touched
2nd verse 
when you touch me like that yeah
its seems like we’re so in love
then when you go away
your touch is all I’m thinking of
wonder when you kiss me
what is it your feeling
cause your lips say your heart is on the line
seems like you want to stay
you got me thinking
if i fall from the sky
in your arms boy you might die
cause when you love you pay the price
then wonder was it worth the fight?

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