Mayday (featuring) Zaire

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de way that we touching
looks like were making good loving
de way dat yuh move on de dance floor
fiyuh up to something woah nah nah nah
won’t you give it away now
won’t you give it away now
now watch me bang bang bang
shoot em up yuh got de bullets
yuh got me yelling out mayday day day day
de way yuh bruck it down you must be ready
me wanna chop it up like a machete
wobbly wobbly drop it dung on the basement
pick it up now de dance it go slap weigh
dis ya gal bad she murder murder
rude gal ooh she favor her mudda
clap it clap it clap it clap it
yah i sire
juke it juke it juke Aye yah yah yah yah
aye baby your body driving me crazy
yuh got me yelling out may day day day day yuh
got me yelling out may day day day day (may day day day day)
Baby i can see that your looking
but you won’t approach me whats good
now I’ve been waiting whats its going to take
for you to come push up on me
i can see it on your eyes
you want me and yes that’s fine
I’ve been waiting but i won’t be patient
for long so come push up on me
ahh your looking so enticed
ahh cause this dress is fitting just right
in all the right places here’s your chance don’t waste it
not the only one who’s got eyes
so step up to the plate cause this dance it can’t wait running out of time
[gal you gotta move and don’t let nobody else catch him eye
boy you better get off de wall
on don’t let nobody else tempt she eye] 2x
So You Got to Get up get up get up
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