Love Is Unafraid

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your eyes , dreams lost, right here right now, then past fears !


1st Verse

I don’t believe in love at first sight thats why

I had to look twice into your eyes

even caught a glimpse I caught a glimpse of your innocents

I blinked and it was gone

You smiled at me and then you turned away

As if you couldn’t find the words to say

When all I really wanted was your name..whats your name babe?

were you scared cause love is unafraid .. its unafraid



your eyes, your smile dreams, lost, found right here right now

then, and it makes no sense tomorrows here , past is fear

love, pain, flowers need rain cloudy days bring sunny days

trust lies, truth hurts simples complicated and freedom has worth


2nd verse

now you’re lying here in my arms how could this be

yesterday today was unwarned a surprise to me


how did I find what I’m not looking for

now that you’re here i won’t let you go

you hold my hand and then my mind goes blank

like checks that bounce with little in the bank

I want to believe you’re the one

But I’m walking slow when i want to run i want to run





maybe i am scared cause love is unafraid

baby i can’t trust you cause love will never change

the fact does it remain one but many things baby I’m just scared

cause love is unafraid

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