Kissing Dragons

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1st Verse

It’s bout to be a lituation / What kind of liquor is you swigging?

I’m at the bar I’m bout to clock in / Don’t want to blow my high, I, I!

This liquor got me edging

I am way too excited cause I like the way you grindin

It’s like my body is enchanted!

Ooh you got the shotgun we’ve been kissing dragons


1st B Side Rap

We crowd up in that bathroom like six kids in the backseat

We trying to find a fuck to give to that drunk chick and security cause



All we do is smoke never choke we on that Cannabis

Puff puff pass we be floating on cumulus

Blow it in my face…… like a rude bitch

They kissing each other but

We be kissing dra…a..a…agons [3x]

Blow it in my face

They kissing each other but we be kissing dra…a..a…agons


2nd Verse

You know that I come with the magic / Ju…ju…ju..ju..Just follow the rabbit

Back to my hotel we hotbox and don’t tell / I’m compelled to see your body naked

I got a Swisher that I am saving cause after sex you should be craving

light it up and we can transcend ooh I got the shotgun we’ve been kissing dragons


2nd B-Side Rap

Lets ride out & Pyro If we pass by that hot light

You better watch out for the po po cause!




Rap [A-1]

Turnt up half the week better have a seat you don’t stand a chance

Man .. we lit like a ambulance with a daveranch

They telling me that they smelling me well this shit is gas you better be

Depend who you ask just like a pencil in class

cause I need it heavenly heavenly heavenly

Can’t catch me separately boy that’s the recipe and I’m just trying to cook

Your body’s a felony with all that weaponry and I got time to look

Imagine a dragon that’s having you drag all that wagon around the club

Attack it I’m packing a package you laughing till i put it down enough

What I mean like.. You trying to give me the green light that’s what it seem like

I can be wrong but life goes on let’s see what your team like

Know that you see that i’m cool like a backwards hat on your eye

The best is how i’m categorized ain’t that a surprise yeah

I tried to told yall i’m A-1 not any name

But when I’m in I got plenty names cause i’m everything near anything

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