I Want To Burn

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1st Verse

it was a demon in me that liked the way that you made me suffer

that laughed at my pain when you left my heart in a disaster

I couldn’t explain it there are roots that you must have me under

i swear it’s like walking through flames and you left me cold in your fire



i want to burn i want to burn

all of these memories that i made with you

i want to burn

i want to burn i want to burn

all the emotions just keep returning

just left me burn ooh

2nd Verse

it was a demon inside you left with me turning my umber

that makes me run away whenever someone’s getting closer

you took my love and you filled me with all of your anger

i want to trust but now i have none left to offer



no i’ll never forget August 1st you don’t even understand

the way that it hurts me inside look what you’ve done to me

what you had to teach me wish i never learned

monsters are real and sometimes they can burrow in your mind

Look what youve made of me take a look baby



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