I Can’t Stay Mad

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1st Verse

Since the day you walked back into my life

You took my hand and made everything ok

Baby when you went away this house didn’t feel right

If I cant wake up to your pretty little face

I know I said some things and you said some things

I know I need to change just to make you change

Oh we can work it out we don’t have to scream and shout

Trying to get to know one another is what love is all about I can’t



I cant stay mad at cha mad at cha

I cant stay mad at cha mad at cha

Cause I love you babe babe babe

Love you babe babe babe

Cause I love you babe babe babe

Love you babe babe babe


2nd Verse

I know it’s hard trusting someone new

We cant be concerned with what others put us through

Cause it ain’t fair to me and you

If they still have control over things we do

I know I’m not perfect and your not perfect

Ooh we play tip for tap and we both get hit

Ooh I want it my way and you want it your way

We got to work together cause I don’t want to stay



Dam I keep on making errors I got to take a look at the man in the mirror

She keep crying I don’t hear her she scream louder, we get clearer

She pack up but never leave I wont let her I cant breath

I need space but when she clings I know she really want to be with me

I’m in the mood she out of sync stay on my mind but I can’t think

She from Venus I’m from Mars but the universe says we’re meant to be

She say she is my better half my half can’t be all that bad

I’m in love with all I have that’s why I just can’t stay mad



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