How Much U Wanna Bet?

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1st Verse

I bet you miss the way I lick it down low

The way that I make you scream the way that I make you moan

say that you got a man well I wonder does he know

You keep a tab at the bar and i’m what you’re sippin on

And I know that you’re an addict

You tried to quit me but I know you gotta have it

Come on admit it you miss it can’t deny it because



I can see it in your eyes you want me to touch you yeah

I know that he can’t be hitting it right

I bet that you gon let me hit it again

I bet that you gon let me hit it again

Cause we been through this before so don’t say you won’t

When you know you gon let me hit it again


2nd Verse

Don’t you wonder who i’m kicking it with now

And if he do it better than when you put it down

Pretend like you don’t see me when you’re with your boyfriend

When he ain’t around you be all in my business

say what you want I know the truth

You ain’t got no reason to hit me up like you do

You stay in my DM’s with them private vids

You want me to snapchat but my dick won’t fit





How much you wanna bet?

You gon end up calling again

You gon say you wanna see me again

How much you wanna bet?

We gon end up freaking again

And you gon mess around and catch them feelings again



You tell all them boys it’s  over but you keep on hanging over

hanging on my balls cause Imma shower and i’m still a grower

Ha! You stay on my jackd … stay beaming up my solar

If i blocked you you’d catfish and still drown in toilet water



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