Heart Breaker

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1st Verse

Aye it’s getting late and I know you want to ride out

Pull up the whip we can get lit

Say what you want cause I ain’t with the shits

You’ve been giving me the eye

I can read your body language I know what’s on your mind now

Goose got you loose so you say you are a savage

Call me UPS and let me deliver the package

No strings attached I’m going to fuck you like my main

We’re just breaking hearts

and leave the pieces scattered wherever they lay


Chorus [2x]

I just want to make good love to

Feels some kind of way I know you feel it to

No judgement zone so do whatever you gotta do

Show me what a heartbreaker can do


2nd Verse

Say you got that ooh wee and I hope you can back it up

I like it when they talk a lot of trash when i bang it up

Aye… bang it up, Aye! Serve me up

And if you try and run I’ll lift  your legs up like a tow truck

You gon get this work work work

Put it in reverse verse verse verse

Promises  promise you won’t catch feelings

I’m yours for  tonight in the morning you already know the deal






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