Get My Attention

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1st Verse

If you want my attention then you got to come a little bit harder

Cause I’m not like the guys your used to

Sending me a nude in my inbox now I only see you as a thot thot

Cause I know you do that with everybody following you?

Now Imma respond with a dot dot Issa block block

This is what you do with a glock glock?

Waste your time with you shot tell me if that’s all you got

Claim you want that diamond well i’m solid as a rock

But I want more than a good time so step it up a notch



If you want to get my attention yeah

Do you stay on a money mission yeah

Do you want to build castles or playpens

Do you want to give me your maiden

Match my elevation

I don’t want to be downgraded


2nd Verse

If you really want to get my attention

Tell me why do you deserve to be loved

Don’t make it complicated over exaggerated

No plagiarizing pretty lies cause i’ll call your bluff

I don’t really care about a price tag, I can brag brag

Tell me how you make riches from rags

Stars and the moon I don’t need that I can see em just fine where i’m at

I find it more intriguing what you dream of every  night

When you wake in the morning what’s the first thing on your mind



I Crave a love so deep it will make the blue sea jealous !

Hashtag thats my bae goals till they make a meme about us

I don’t mean to make things hard but I had to let you know

I’m tired of playing games now and I’m nobody’s side show

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