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Ain’t no use in running Imma pull you back to me

Tell me why your running “when”

I thought I heard you say go deep / i heard you say go deep

You better be careful what you ask for cause you can get it “you can get it”

Talking that shit like you can take it “ooh”

i heard you say go deep / I heard you say go deep


1st Verse

Bet I can make it feel like a tongue ring

lick it all around then I put this T.I.P

in a little bit cause you know I’m just a tease

I like to watch you making love faces

Cause I just might kiss you but I’m known to bite

Paint your body crimson and sapphire

Mark my territory down your thigh

I’m going to give you reason to be moaning for me all night



Don’t put your hands on me if you gon try and push away

Cause I’m just gon go deeper and hold your hands down by your waist

I like it when you talk that shit bragging about what you can take

but i know your lying by the look up on your face

that won’t stop me from getting some mo

I’ve been waiting for you at the door

cause I’m gon give you way more than you asked for




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