Crazy N These Streetz

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1st Verse

Tell me who the fuck is he? / Don’t tell me that i am bugging

All of my friends have noticed you telling me that it is nothing

Said he was a relative yall look more like kissing cousins

Carrying on in public, I heard he was on old lover

Tell me what’s the meaning of it / Why do you sound so retarded

Stuttering your words and stalling / I’m bout to catch a case

You need to explain somebody tell me why?



Everybody knows you’re another hoe

And I’m looking crazy in the streets

And you came so close to getting a ring

And I’m looking crazy in these streets

And I’m losing my mind cause you wasted my time

And I’m looking crazy in these streets

I could have been on my own hoe shit

And I’m looking crazy streets


2nd Verse

How could you embarrass me after all that we’ve been through

You’re so disrespectful! / you had me hanging out with him too

Birthday parties BBQ’s dam tell me how long has it been?

You’ve been fucking around with him telling me he’s just a friend

You keep switching up the story / Must  have me confused with Maury

I don’t need your lies they bore me / You think that you can hide

In the closet when your laundry’s out to dry





Hold up I’m bout to roll up tell homeboy get them bows up

You must not have heard about me and that’s where you messed up

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