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1st verse

I think we hold on to the pain to reminisce

Give numb a kiss anything just to feel something

And the hardest thing to do is to forgive

We don’t forget hell naw we don’t forget



Ohh the evidence is counterfeit

Ohh this emptiness is counterfeit

I don’t want to live like this .. like this like this

Why do we look for love in places we lost it ?

It was counterfeit … just counterfeit

We put meaning into things that really dont mean shit


2nd Verse

I think we keep these broken hearts to give as gifts

Just shards and fragments of empty promises

And when they can’t fix it we cry I’m hurt again

And we won’t forget hell naw we won’t forget




We pour water on gardens made of bone

And we wait for them to sow and we wait for them to sow





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