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1st Verse

I’m tired of talking we don’t need words to say how we feel

body language tells me all i need

why reminisce when we could make love again

baby don’t you miss making love all night

drinking and smoking we’ll be floating off the bed yeah

baby I’m still here and I’m tired of waiting



Kiss me touch me again deeply pleasing again


2nd Verse

it’s been months last i saw your face

others have tried but  i just  want you

no one makes me feel the way that you do

i just wanna sweat it out  I’m going down like i used to

you got magic in them jeans you can make 9 vanish

your amazing just like Houdini come take advantage




i wanna do it again oh i wanna do it again oh

i wanna make love all night long

tear it up like we used to till the break of dawn dawn dawn dawn



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