Mine (featuring) Chris Michael

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1st Verse [Redris]

Baby if you only knew things that i wanted to do

To you when we first met, thinking like the boys do

Then you got me with my nose wide open

Tables turned now I’m the one who’s over protective

I see them looking when they pass, now what I’m gon do with all that ass

Your beauty is unmatched, i can’t help it i got it bad

I am just human and I’m possessive a little bit jealous

So you better tell them that you are taken there is no mistaken


Chorus (2x)

Don’t you know that your mine let em know that you’re mine

and I know that these dudes gon try and holler cause you’re so damn fine!

but your mine (4x)


2nd Verse [Chris Michael]

We be dancing in the club sipping on that Martel

I think this couple want to go take this to the hotel

And finish… feeling on your body, grinding on me slowly

But if we take it there just know you’re mine

And I belong to you no matter what we do don’t ever get confused

Woah ill lose my mind if we take it too far

And I know you’re just a flirt and i don’t want to make things too hard




If they try and holler let them know that I’m the truth

You’ve got something special you cant find in any other dude




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