Xtrodinary Live

Redris was special guest on Xtrodinary live this Thursday at Punchline Comedy Club Marietta GA. Founded By Chris Walker Redris Produced at wrote its theme song “Xtrodinary” in 2014 . After a brief Interview with host Sauve Redris performed “Again” from the Set it all on fire Album; Followed by premiering 2 new exclusive songs from His sophomore album “Braille”. Heart Breaker features songstress B’Deshy and delivers a sexy R&B mid tempo smash. Kissing Dragons Feature A-1 for their 2nd collaboration together. Kissing dragons has afresh and new Trap R&B sound which is different for Redris being he is also rapping on this track.

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7th N Love

7th N Love is a YouTube web series Trinity Isle Productions About a group of friends and there love lives. The finale is the 7th episode which features Redris new joint “Somethings come over me” and “Again” from Set it All on Fire!

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Another Hit with Rapper A-1

Lyricist A-1 Drops another album “Jurassic Clark 3” featuring Redris. On heartless Redris sings a revised version of Darnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be” on the chorus. A-1 deliver yet another witty rhyme about dealing with a Woman with lack of appreciation!

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The Royal Lounge


Redris performs his hit single “Tap out” live at The Royal Lounge in Atlanta GA.



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Diamond Piece, is a Spoken Word/ Soul R&B Artist and Lyrical Poet. She is very creative in her skills and her shine is through her rhymes. She can rivet her words into metamorphic phases. Her engagement is to gravitate those that cherish her style. Her advantage is to bring light to the poetry community with her affairs in the music industry. She began writing lyrics at age 16 and the only way she expresses her emotions is with a pen and pad.

She loves art and design. It has inspired her to challenge her skills even further in the music industry, both in fashion and creative writing. She claim that Art is a sensual part of her with such an amazing look that the essence of it will never play her out. Music has allowed her growth to expand into a whole new direction of sounds and lyrics. Art has influenced her to create, innovate, and explore a horizon of great expertise.

She was also nominated For New & Upcoming Poet Spoken Word Artist of The Year 2014 And Award Winner of The 5th Annual National Poetry Awards 2014 With Two Previous Awards for best class leadership in 2007 And Best Model of the Year 2009, At Fashions/Designer Perry Turner of Crystal Dreams Creation

Poetess Diamond Piece releases new single in online stores. The hit single Blinded features multi-talent Redris. Diamond tells a story about a night in a strip club. Watching a guy she likes being seduced by a stripper. Wanting to get his attention but he is blinded by the entertainment. Redris delivers a smooth vocal during the chorus. explaining what was going through his mind during the events that took place. With Diamonds seductive spoken word and Redris smooth vocal they deliver a smoking hot collaboration!

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On The Wall

Redris makes a  guest appearance on Sué Santas music video “On The Wall”. Directed by Rahjiv Staten! Halloween gets a new set of vampires!

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Redris will be in the building with Kulture Ent. Media Group. Celebribrating the valentines holiday with all the lover and love haters! FREE admission at Cephora Lounge 3649 Claremont Rd Atlanta, GA 30341 7.pm 21 & up! The will be a open mic which is free to perform and a showcase featuring Redris.


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Skilly Magazine

Redris Does an empowering interview with Skilly Magazine! Check out the article below

I thank God for my support from my fans and family. They keep me grounded and focused. Sometimes all it takes is that one little fan email to get me back on my grind.



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“My favorite color is aqua blue mixed with canary yellow and jade green! its called I don’t have a favorite color. Lol!”


“When I’m alone if I’m not painting or drawing I’m in my 6 foot mirror rehearsing my music in my underwear holding a can of Febreze air freshener as the mic…. Don’t judge me!”


Click Below

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Wishlist (Live)

Redris performs live at the Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta GA. He Sang Wish-List featuring Sil3nc3 & made his stripper a whole lot of money! Wish we were able to film this but it was x Rated. Redris sung onstage with the stripper as she danced. He then went into a mash up of One in a Million By Aaliyah & Wish-list. The crowd loved him and the song!


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