400$ 1 Exclusive Custom Beat [Commercial release]

600$ 2 Exclusive Custom Beats [ Commercial release ]

50 – 100$ Non- Exclusive Beats [no Commercial]

  • These beats can be found in my beat store

I have produced and wrote for Phylle, Shamar  , Piccaso Varner and More..

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Song Writing


300$ flat rate plus royalties to write 1 song 3 – 5 mins in length

500$ flat rate plus royalties for 2 song lyrics 3-5 mins in length

All works willbe ” work for hire” you keep the masters and i collect royalties

I am experienced in writing for males, females, children and groups. Just let me know your concept and terms


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Who the hell is Redris ?

I am a creator of the arts in many ways.   For those who know me outside of music know I draw and paint as a hobby.  I Love to write!  Writing was my first passion from writing stories in 3 subject notebooks in 5th grade. I began my journey writing songs when I was a teenager learning the piano by ear.  Writing is therapeutic for me and it is a medium where I can transfer my reality into art and mold my world into something new! Where I can become someone or something else. My style can be a bit poetic when it comes to lyrics. I like to play on words and make people really think outside the box.

As an artist I admire so many new and old Singers. Who isn’t inspired by Michael Jackson in some type of way? I’m a huge fan of any artist who can just stand and sing without gimmicks.  Artist like “Brandy Norwood, Jazmine Sullivan, Stevie Wonder , John Legend, Tank , Aretha Franklin” are just a few i look up to vocally. Creatively I am inspired by people like “Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Prince, MJ & Busta Rhymes”. Their presentation and I for visual arts is out of this world and i aspire to be just as great creatively .

You know those kids who are just born singing like Mariah Carey at 5 years old? That was not me! I learned to sing over the years by listening and practicing R&B pop songs on a karaoke machine and a $10 microphone from radio shack!  I laugh so hard when I listen to my old tapes  when I was nasily and out of tune!  I say this because I will never give up doing music.  I believe that’s what my purpose is and I enjoy making other people happy and connecting to the world with music.  Music is universal and joins all walks of life together and I stand for diversity and inclusiveness.

You’re not bored with this generic bio bull shit yet??? Welp I guess i’ll keep going! As a producer I am definitely inspired by Timbland & Pharrell Williams. In the 90’s when the sound of R&B changed I knew I wanted to be a part of that. So I started banging pots and pans and learning just how to make music. I’m a big fan of lead guitar and orchestra. I have definitely grown into my own as a producer  and have branched out into pop, soft rock, Trap and EDM. I started out using Fruity loops and cool edit.

I took things further by being the first in my family to get a bachelors degree in Media Production at A.I.U Atlanta. There I not only learned everything about audio but I fell in love with film. I love script writing and post production. Sound design and folly effects are also for fun to do. Long story short this is how I became a triple threat. I’m tired of writing now so go enjoy some dam music!


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